Stainless Steel Tumbling Media


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This is the best media for wet tumbling on the market!

This media is meant to be used for wet tumbling in rotary tumblers only.

I’ve tried every shape and size of SS pin out there and this stuff is without a doubt the best media I have ever used. It gets into places the pins can’t and won’t get stuck sideways in your brass or in the flash holes.

There may be a few small chips of carbon steel mixed in (just a few) that should be picked out so they won’t rust. Other than that, this stuff won’t rust and is magnetic for easy cleanup.

I leave mine submerged in water 100% of the time.

A good rule of thumb is 1lb of media for every 1lb of brass you tumble depending on the condition of the brass and what cleaning agent(s) you use. A shot of Dawn or Dawn ultra works great along with a pinch of Lemi-Shine.

For the average Frankfort arsenal rotary tumbler, 5-6 lbs works good when the tumbler is loaded up with brass. If you’re using the Harbor Freight with 2 small barrels, 1lb per each barrel works great.

When you receive these, you should run them in your tumbler with some water and cleaning agent of your choice for a couple hours to clean the media before you start using it to clean your brass.

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