308 Winchester Headstamp (100ct)

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Quantity per box: 100


Headstamps may include: WW-SUPER, SUPER-X, WIN, WINCHESTER, ETC…but all Winchester branded brass

Boxer primer pocket

All Brass Casings

Unprocessed – cases are machine and hand sorted by caliber; steel, aluminum, Berdan, damaged, dented cases that can not be reloaded are removed, cases are washed and tumbled. Brass has not been polished, de-primed, trimmed or loaded unless specifically stated.

4%-5% additional cases are included in your order to cover our human error, so you will have more than enough usable cases in your order.

“Once fired brass” is an industry term that describes fired brass cases. We buy our brass from ranges and other individuals which means that we can not guarantee that all our cases we sell for reloading are only once fired.  Previously fired brass could have minor dents, dings, slightly bent mouths, or other slight imperfections.  Most of these flaws can be easily removed during resizing or will be shot out upon your first firing.

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 4 × .5 in

1 review for 308 Winchester Headstamp (100ct)

  1. matthewahinton (verified owner)

    Great supply to load for an AR-10. All clean and ready to be processed. Sleeping Giant has been a great company to do business with, and I plan to do a lot more.

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