Saeco Lubri-Sizer Bullet Sizer and Lubricator


.This is a used unit in like new condition

.This will be dis-assembled to help reduce shipping cost

The Saeco Lubri-Sizer is perfect for the serious bullet caster. With just one stroke a bullet is swaged to the correct size, lubricant is added to the lube groove on the bullet and a gas check is seated. The pressurized lubricant reservoir can lubricate between 20 to 50 bullets between turns of the lube control handle. Two parallel guide rods help to ensure proper alignment of the top punch and sizing die for maximum bullet concentricity. The Swing-out gas check seater will seat without sizing. Will accept hollow or solid stick lubricant. Top punches and sizing dies are sold separately. 

Technical Information

Material:Steel, Cast Iron

  • Lubri-Sizer can be used with stick or hollow lube 
  • Swing out gas check seater 
  • Single stroke can seat the gas check, swage and lubricate the bullet 
  • Adjustable pressure lubricant 
  • Notes:
  • Dies and Top Punches are not included 
  • Accepts hollow or solid stick lubricant
Quantity Per Box: